News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Governor’s climate order points in positive direction

Governor Charlie Baker issued an executive order today that directs state agencies to reduce global warming pollution and protect communities from the effects of climate change.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Public health experts say protecting climate has big benefits

Curbing dangerous carbon pollution can reduce the risk of global warming and benefit local communities at the same time, according to a report released today by Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center. The group notes that Massachusetts stands to benefit even more if a current pollution reduction program is strengthened.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Baker administration calls for stronger pollution limits, Massachusetts poised to benefit

Officials in Governor Charlie Baker’s administration announced their support today for strengthening the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a program that caps global warming pollution from power plants in nine northeastern states.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Governor signs energy bill, but major issues left unaddressed

Following months of debate, Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill today that will bring offshore wind power to Massachusetts, but does not address other key energy issues.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center

Days after major energy vote, report highlights local action towards 100 percent renewable energy

Civic and business leaders gathered today to release a report highlighting cities and towns leading the way towards 100 percent renewable energy. The report comes just days after legislators voted to bring offshore wind energy to Massachusetts.