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Environment Massachusetts maps out 50 steps towards carbon-free transportation

Pollution from our nation’s cars, buses, trucks and trains is taking America dangerously off track to meeting climate goals, according to a new report written by Frontier Group and released by  Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center. 50 STEPS TOWARD CARBON-FREE TRANSPORTATION: Rethinking U.S. Transportation Policy to Fight Global Warming concludes that 21st century transportation policy must quickly shift to new priorities, guided by a central goal of curbing climate-altering carbon pollution. 

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Speedy Paris climate agreement ratification must lead to strong action

Thanks to leadership from President Obama, today the Paris Climate Agreement cleared the final hurdle to enter into force. With the European Union voting to join the United States, China, India and other nations in ratifying the agreement, nations representing more than 55 percent of the world’s global warming pollution have now signed on — crossing the minimum threshold for the agreement to become official.

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Governor’s climate order points in positive direction

Governor Charlie Baker issued an executive order today that directs state agencies to reduce global warming pollution and protect communities from the effects of climate change.

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Public health experts say protecting climate has big benefits

Curbing dangerous carbon pollution can reduce the risk of global warming and benefit local communities at the same time, according to a report released today by Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center. The group notes that Massachusetts stands to benefit even more if a current pollution reduction program is strengthened.

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Baker administration calls for stronger pollution limits, Massachusetts poised to benefit

Officials in Governor Charlie Baker’s administration announced their support today for strengthening the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a program that caps global warming pollution from power plants in nine northeastern states.