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Experts say 100 percent renewable energy within reach for Massachusetts

Massachusetts and the nation can move quickly to supply 100 percent of our energy from clean, renewable resources like solar and wind, according to a panel of researchers and experts who spoke at Old South Church tonight to an audience of over 200 people.

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Solar cap hit again for some projects

Boston — Just two weeks after Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill to lift caps on a key solar energy program, the cap has been hit again for some types of solar installations.

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Solar caps lifted, but more work to do

After more than a year of campaigning by environmental activists and business leaders, Governor Charlie Baker signed a bill to expand a key solar program today.

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Solar bill headed to Governor’s desk

After months of deadlock over the future of solar energy, the Massachusetts Senate passed a compromise bill today to lift caps on a key solar program.

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On anniversary of solar caps, yet another obstacle to clean energy

Families and businesses hoping to switch to solar energy were dealt another setback yesterday, when a key solar program hit its cap for towns and cities served by Eversource.

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One year after solar caps hit, 100 House members urge swift action

As a standoff over a key solar energy program drags on into its twelfth month, halting solar projects across Massachusetts, 100 state representatives sent a letter today asking House leaders to ensure the continued growth of solar.

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Mayors ask state leaders to preserve key solar program

Mayors and top officials from 32 cities and towns, led by Mayor Setti Warren of Newton, sent a letter to legislative leaders today urging them to support policies that enable municipalities to install solar energy.

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One year after solar caps reached, advocates call on Speaker to act

As gridlock in the Massachusetts Legislature continues to stymie efforts to expand clean energy, environmental advocates launched a monthlong campaign today marking the one-year anniversary of hitting a cap on solar power, and called on House Speaker Robert DeLeo to act.

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Report highlights potential for solar energy on big box stores

As the obstacles facing Massachusetts’ solar industry continue to mount, Environment Massachusetts released a report today showing tremendous potential for solar installations on “big box” retailers, grocery stores, and shopping centers.

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Obama gets an A- for environmental budget items

“Overall, President Obama’s budget gets an A-. It is fantastic news for climate action, clean energy, and our national parks; but there is one piece of bad news that really stings: the proposal decreases clean water funding just as the Flint crisis makes clear that we can’t take safe drinking water for granted.” – Ben Hellerstein, Environment Massachusetts