Nothing to fear from clean water

By | Russell Bassett
Clean Water Digital Campaigner

Halloween is the annual time to celebrate all the creepy things that go bump in the night, but what's really fightening are the many very real threats to our waterways and drinking water. Nothing is more important to life than clean water, yet few things are taken more for granted. We turn on our taps or swim in a local lake without fear because we believe the systems are working to keep our water clean. The fact is, those systems don’t always work, and in many cases, are failing to keep water safe. 

On November 30th, leaders from around the world will sit down and make an international agreement on how each country will work together to cut global warming pollution.

Like a stroll through a Dr. Seuss garden

By | Russell Bassett
Clean Water Digital Campaigner

Mountains higher than the Appalachians, canyons deeper than the Grand Canyon, miles of forest, and a rich diversity of wildlife: Would you believe that’s a description of the Atlantic Ocean? 

10 game changers in the global warming fight

By | Ben Hellerstein
State Director

Cars powered by clean electricity. Buildings that produce as much energy as they consume. A thermostat that knows when you’re not home, and adjusts your heat accordingly. It might sound like science fiction, but these innovations are a reality and they are already helping us fight global warming.