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Millennials for 100% Renewable Energy

Millennials are leading the way to a 100% clean, renewable future for Massachusetts.
We can envision a world where we’re using far less energy, and where all of the energy we need to power our electric grid, our buildings, and our transportation system comes from renewable sources like the sun and the wind.
Millennials — people in their 20s and 30s — will experience the impacts of dirty energy for decades to come. But we also have the power to do something about it. That's why we're bringing together leaders from the millennial generation to advocate for a clean, healthy, and safe future for Massachusetts.

Check out some of the millennial leaders who have joined our call for 100% renewable energy.

Our turn to lead

It’s 2018. We can power our society with clean, abundant energy from the sun and the wind, and we can do it more efficiently than ever before.

But we’re still consuming too much energy, mostly from dirty sources like oil and gas. Pollution from fossil fuels is doing lasting damage to our health and our environment, and altering our climate in dangerous ways.

As millennials, we have the power to change this.

Millennials have been elected to local and state offices, where they are pushing an ambitious agenda to expand renewable energy and clean transportation options. Millennials are developing innovative clean energy technologies and launching businesses to bring those products to market. Millennials are educating the public about the threats of climate change and using new grassroots organizing tools to build a movement calling for action.

That's why we're launching a new initiative to organize the millennial generation around a bold vision for 100% clean, renewable energy. If enough of us join forces, we'll be unstoppable.

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A growing movement

Last year, together with leaders like Boston City Councilor Michelle Wu and State Senator Eric Lesser, we organized the Millennial Leadership Summit for 100% Renewable Energy.

We brought together dozens of local and state officials, architects, health professionals, nonprofit advocates, and business leaders from the millennial generation to strategize for the transition to a clean, renewable future.

Now, we're continuing to elevate the voices of millennials and create opportunities for cross-sector collaboration to build a clean, renewable future. Through the Millennials for 100% Renewable Energy Network, we're organizing advocacy meetings at the State House and holding educational and networking events in communities across Massachusetts.

Check out our Millennials for 100% Renewable Energy Tumblr to see who has joined the movement for a clean, renewable future.

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Are you in your 20s or 30s? Join the Millennials for 100% Renewable Energy Network for educational forums, networking events, and opportunities to speak out on clean energy policy at the state and local level.