Alliance Launched To Save Bees

Sixty-five chefs, restaurant owners and other culinary leaders joined us to launch the Bee Friendly Food Alliance. Through the Alliance, chefs and restaurateurs are calling attention to the importance of bees to our food supply, the dramatic die-off of bee populations, and the need to protect our pollinators. LEARN MORE.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center

Polluters dumping into Massachusetts’ waterways

Industrial facilities dumped excessive pollution into Massachusetts’ waterways 124 times over 21 months, according to a new report by the Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center.

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News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Businesses take bold steps toward 100% renewable energy

State officials should follow the lead of businesses that are moving to 100 percent renewable energy, according to advocates and corporate leaders who spoke at a State House briefing today.

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Report | Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center

Troubled Waters 2018

Over a 21-month period from January 2016 to September 2017, major industrial facilities released pollution that exceeded the levels allowed under their Clean Water Act permits more than 8,100 times. Often, these polluters faced no fines or penalties.

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Massachusetts draws closer to 100 percent renewable commitment | Ben Hellerstein

In February, Massachusetts took a big step toward 100 percent renewable energy when a Senate committee approved an ambitious clean energy bill.

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