Report finds 15 percent drop in beach closings in Massachusetts

A new report by the National Resources Defense Council gives reason for optimism about the quality of beaches in Massachuetts.

 “Testing The Waters: A Guide to Water Quality at Vacation Beaches,” found a 15 percent drop in beach closings fin 2010 and that projects such as the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s opening of a recent storage tunnel  in South Boston are contributing to the improvement.


Catch and release: State issues fish health warning

Fish caught in the city's drinking water supply are not fit for human consumption, according to a warning from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

Area lakes, ponds and waterways are contaminated by mercury, which is toxic to the human nervous system, according to a report released by watchdog agency Environment Massachusetts.


Visits to Boston's national parks increase, budgets decrease

At a time when visits to national parks are soaring as people take vacations close to home in tough economic times, they are facing budget cuts next year. And no where is that trend more visible than the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation, a new report by Environment Massachusetts shows.