News Release | Environment America

Plastic pollution: One day, three solutions

One day, three decisions -- all of which may have far-reaching effects on plastic pollution in the United States.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Environment Massachusetts laments feds’ decision to repeal Clean Car Standards

Today, the Trump administration announced new vehicle emission guidelines which roll back the existing Clean Car Standards. This regressive move will get rid of our nation’s best climate change mitigation program, which is cutting future carbon emissions more effectively than any other current federal policy.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Clean energy bill a base hit, not a home run

With just hours remaining in the legislative session, the Massachusetts House and Senate approved a compromise clean energy bill today.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center

100% Renewable Agenda outlines ambitious clean energy roadmap

With election season just around the corner, environmental advocates unveiled an ambitious clean energy agenda for the winner of this fall’s gubernatorial race to take up.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Academics and experts urge strong renewable energy commitment

With time running out for state officials to act, experts sent a letter today urging legislative leaders to enact ambitious clean energy policies.