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As lawmakers debate energy policy, a decade of progress positions Massachusetts to take solar and wind to the next level

Since 2007, Massachusetts has seen a 246-fold increase in the amount of electricity it gets from the sun, according to a new report released today by Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center.

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As House prepares to take up clean energy, it's time to go big

Clean energy legislation could be taken up for a vote in the Massachusetts House of Representatives today, as the July 31deadline for action approaches.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Experts, advocates ask Boston to adopt strong climate plan

Clean energy experts and environmental advocates delivered a letter today urging Mayor Martin Walsh’s support for ambitious measures to reduce global warming emissions and increase renewable energy.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

House clean energy vote is a good step, but we should go further

The Massachusetts House of Representatives voted today to approve bills to increase the growth of renewable energy, set energy efficiency standards for appliances, and support the development of energy storage technology.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Bill for 100 percent clean energy a clear win for environment, public health

Today, Senator Marc Pacheco hosted a briefing on the benefits of clean energy legislation recently approved by the Massachusetts Senate.