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Suspension of EPA enforcement puts our health at risk

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new policy yesterday that would suspend enforcement of key provisions of our nation’s environmental laws during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The decision came on the heels of requests from the oil and gas industry and others seeking exemptions at this time.

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In addressing the coronavirus, Congress must not exacerbate the climate crisis

Congress is rushing to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out industries affected by the measures being taken to stem the spread and severity of the coronavirus. But in putting out one fire, our leaders must not pour gasoline on another -- namely, global warming. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent bailing out industries that are accelerating climate change. Any bailout funding must require industries to reduce their carbon emissions and other pollution.

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Boston City Council supports 100% renewable energy for Massachusetts

The Boston City Council passed a resolution today endorsing a statewide commitment to 100% renewable sources of energy for electricity, heating, and transportation.

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Health professionals deliver letter for 100% renewable energy

Doctors and medical students gathered at the State House today to meet with the offices of House leadership and their staff, and deliver a letter in support of the 100% Renewable Energy Act filed by Representative Marjorie Decker and Representative Sean Garballey.

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Mass. Senate approves efficiency standards for appliances

Household and commercial appliances would use less energy and water, saving money for consumers and reducing impacts on the environment, under a bill passed today by the Massachusetts Senate.