News Release | Environment America

One Million Acres around the Grand Canyon Protected from Toxic Mining

 Today Interior Secretary Ken Salazar protected the Grand Canyon from toxic mining. After more than 2 years of environmental analysis and receiving nearly 300,000 public comments from the American people, environmental and conservation groups, the outdoor recreation industry, mayors and tribal leaders, Secretary Salazar withdrew more than 1 million acres of land around the canyon from new mining claims for the next twenty years.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

President Obama and EPA protect public health, announce landmark mercury standard for power plants

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued new public health standards to protect everyone from emissions of mercury and other toxics from the nation’s dirtiest power plants.  

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

New Report Shows Walden Pond Contaminated by Toxic Mercury Pollution

124 waterways in Massachusetts have advisories for mercury pollution, according to the latest government data outlined in a new report from Environment Massachusetts.   These advisories instruct citizens to limit their consumption of certain fish in Massachusetts’ waterways due to mercury contamination. Among the waterways under advisory is Walden Pond, considered by many to be the birthplace of the conservation movement. 

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Leading the Nation in Efficiency: Maynard Becomes the 100th Town to Adopt Massachusetts’ “Stretch Code”

In an important step for energy efficiency, the Department of Energy Resources announced yesterday that more than 100 cities and towns in Massachusettshave adopted the “stretch code,” an optional set of energy efficiency standards for homes and businesses that is up to 20% more efficient than the base requirements. Manyard and Shirley this week became the 100th and 101st towns, respectively, to adopt this progressive code.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Massachusetts Ranks 10th in U.S. for Solar Jobs

Environment Massachusetts today released new data showing that Massachusetts has the 10th most solar-related jobs in the country with approximately three times as many solar jobs now as there were at this time last year.