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Organizations voice support for energy reporting requirements for large buildings

Environment Massachusetts, MASSPIRG, and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council sent a letter today asking legislative leaders to include a requirement for the owners of large buildings to report their energy use in any climate bill passed this session.

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Mass. loses #1 ranking for energy efficiency

Massachusetts is no longer the most energy-efficient state in the country, according to a leading annual environmental scorecard.

News Release | Environment America

Statement: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service punts on decision to list monarch butterflies under the Endangered Species Act

"It’s horrifying that the monarch’s population has fallen so low; it’s great to hear that the Fish and Wildlife Service, after conducting an ‘intensive, thorough review,’ agrees that the monarch deserves new protections. And it’s absurd that the agency is punting on any sort of plan to protect this important species."

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Environment Massachusetts asks legislators to adopt key policies for clean energy, energy efficiency

Environment Massachusetts sent a letter to legislative leaders today asking that any climate bill passed this session include key policies to reduce energy consumption and increase the percentage of electricity coming from renewable resources like solar and wind.

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Statement: Trump administration makes an unseemly attempt to jam through oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

“This move by the Trump administration is the latest outrage in its treatment of the Arctic Refuge. With an ‘everything must go’ mentality, they are attempting to jam through sales on some of our most iconic land. It’s flat out wrong."