News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Students advocate for 100% renewable commitment

Student activists gathered at the State House today in support of powering Massachusetts with 100% renewable energy.

News Release | Environment America Research & Policy Center

102 groups urge EPA to rein in meat and poultry processing plant pollution

Environment America Research & Policy Center is submitting comments on behalf of 102 organizations today, urging the Environmental Protection Agency to dramatically reduce the massive levels of pollution dumped by agribusiness facilities into America’s waterways. The comments are in response to the agency’s decision not to update permit standards for meat and poultry plants -- despite the Clean Water Act’s requirement to do so.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Environment Massachusetts applauds State Senate for passing plastic bag ban

“It’s time to shift away from single-use plastic, and this vote is an important step forward. Nothing we use for a few minutes should be allowed to pollute our waterways and threaten our wildlife for hundreds of years."

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Clean energy businesses announce support for 100% renewable energy in Massachusetts

Businesses in the clean energy sector delivered a letter today supporting a commitment to power Massachusetts with 100% renewable energy.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Mayors call for Massachusetts to go 100% renewable

Mayors from cities across Massachusetts announced the launch of a new coalition supporting a statewide transition to 100% clean and renewable sources of energy.