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Alewife Reservation Leading the Way in Clean Water: Federal Legislation Would Extend Protections to All Wetlands

Cambridge, MA - In 1972, the Clean Water Act was passed in a historic promise to make all of our lakes and rivers safe for fishing and swimming by 1985. Today, 38 years later, our waters still lack the protections they need: nearly half the waters in the U.S. are considered too polluted to be safe.

A bill in Congress would strengthen the Clean Water Act to make good on its promise. “We need clean water now, and we need the federal government to act to protect our health and our environment” said Eleanor Fort, Preservation Associate for Environment Massachusetts.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Patrick Administration Responds to Environmental Concerns Around Water Withdrawals

On October 8th, 2009, the Patrick Administration’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced a major shift in their interpretation of the Massachusetts Water Management Act, resulting  inadequate environmental considerations and a lack of protection for our rivers. The interpretation set standards at the bottom of the barrel and would have allowed our water resources to be depleted to drought conditions year-round. This decision came just before permit reviews allocating water withdrawal for the next 20 years.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Over 230 Million Pounds of Toxics Discharged into American Waterways

Industrial facilities dumped 12,727 pounds of toxic chemicals into Massachusetts’ waterways, according to a report released today by Environment Massachusetts, Wasting Our Waterways: Industrial Toxic Pollution and the Unfulfilled Promise of the Clean Water Act. The report also finds that toxic chemicals were discharged in 1,900 waterways across all 50 states.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Environment America Points the Way For Preserving Open Space

As states face tight budgets in the economic downturn, a new report released by Environment America today draws on the experience of 15 states in securing reliable funding for open space programs. Among its key recommendations, Preserving America's Natural Heritage embraces bringing preservation measures directly to the voters – as is happening this fall in Minnesota, Ohio, Colorado, Georgia, and Florida.

News Release | Environment Massachusetts

Obama Administration Moves to Protect Forests

Boston – Today, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack issued an interim directive protecting pristine forests from new logging and drilling. The directive requires his personal approval for any new logging, drilling, or roadbuilding in nearly 50 million acres of our most pristine national forests.   The measure does not protect roadless areas in Idaho.