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On renewable energy legislation, we need to think bigger

The Legislature's energy committee approved bills related to solar and other renewable energy technologies today.

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Offshore wind is now one big step closer

Boston – Vineyard Wind will develop the first offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts, state officials announced today.

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Experts, civic leaders, and environmental groups urge support for 100 percent renewable energy commitment

State leaders should act quickly to approve omnibus energy legislation including a commitment to power Massachusetts with 100 percent renewable energy, according to letters delivered today to legislators.

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“Sox Go Green” campaign asks Red Sox to commit to 100 percent renewable energy

Hours before the Red Sox face the Evil Empire for the first time this season, environmental advocates asked the Sox to help fight another vile foe: pollution from dirty energy.

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Wind Power to Spare: The Enormous Energy Potential of Atlantic Offshore Wind

The Atlantic coast states are dependent on fossil fuels, which pollute our air, put our health at risk, and contribute to global warming. In response, states in the region are moving toward an energy system powered by clean, renewable sources: Atlantic states now generate enough wind and solar energy to power nearly 2 million homes, 19 times more than just a decade ago.

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Report: Offshore wind could power Massachusetts 19 times over

Massachusetts could produce more energy from offshore wind than any other state, according to a new report from the Environment Massachusetts Research & Policy Center.

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Businesses take bold steps toward 100% renewable energy

State officials should follow the lead of businesses that are moving to 100 percent renewable energy, according to advocates and corporate leaders who spoke at a State House briefing today.

In February, Massachusetts took a big step toward 100 percent renewable energy when a Senate committee approved an ambitious clean energy bill.

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Massachusetts leaders featured in project highlighting Voices for 100% Renewable Energy

Today, Environment Massachusetts announced that 22 public- and private-sector leaders from Massachusetts have been profiled in a national project, Voices for 100% Renewable Energy.

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Bill for 100% renewable energy approved by Senate committee

Legislation that would commit Massachusetts to a future powered by 100 percent renewable energy has cleared a key hurdle, senators announced yesterday.