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Statement: Let's celebrate climate bill, then set our sights on 100% clean energy

The Massachusetts House will vote today to send last session's climate bill back to Governor Charlie Baker's desk.

It’s a project years in the making, and now, it’s back on track to bring the Bay State closer to a clean energy future. 

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Environment Massachusetts joins affiliates in 12 states to redouble “100% Renewable” campaign

Environment Massachusetts and its national federation, Environment America, launched its 2021 campaigns for 100 percent renewable energy in 13 states Monday. The announcement comes as the Biden Administration, which campaigned on achieving carbon pollution-free power nationwide by 2035, continues to push for a federal 100 percent clean electricity target. 

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Statement: Gov. Baker's climate message a mixed bag

Governor Charlie Baker returned a climate bill to the Legislature with proposed amendments today.

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Coalition asks legislators to pass climate bill into law by Feb. 19

Mass Power Forward, a statewide coalition of more than 200 organizations, sent a letter asking legislators to pass last session's climate bill into law by February 19.

Gov. Charlie Baker vetoes climate action bill

By | Mary Katherine Moore
Content Creator

If you were hoping for climate action in Massachusetts, you’ll have to wait at least a little longer. 

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Statement: Let’s make the climate bill a law by Feb. 19

The Massachusetts House and Senate will vote Thursday on a climate bill, legislative leaders announced today.

You can expect to see a sharp rise in the numbers of clean electric cars on 128, 495 and other Massachusetts highways and roads.

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Statement: Governor’s veto sets back progress on clean energy

Gov. Charlie Baker vetoed a bill today that would have cut energy waste and increased renewable electricity generation in Massachusetts. The bill would have set efficiency standards for appliances, ensured that at least 40 percent of our electricity came from renewable sources by 2030, and provided 2,400 megawatts of additional offshore wind energy.

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Statement: Massachusetts makes important commitment to have all new cars sold in state produce zero emissions by 2035

Following California’s lead, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker plans to phase out the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035.