Jobs with Environment Massachusetts

Clean Energy Campaign Associate

Fossil fuels are polluting our air and water, harming our health, and changing our climate in dangerous ways. Fortunately, we can envision a future where all of our energy comes from pollution-free sources like the sun and the wind. Environment Massachusetts is working to put Massachusetts on track to obtain 100% of our energy from renewable sources, and adopt common-sense policies to require rooftop solar panels on new buildings, increase the number of electric vehicles on the road, and make our homes and businesses more efficient. We are seeking a Campaign Associate who will spearhead this campaign and work with our experienced team of advocates, researchers, and digital and communications experts. MORE | APPLY

State Director Positions

Environment America is hiring experienced advocates for State Director positions across the country. Our directors coordinate advocacy, field organizing and media communications for groups like Environment Massachusetts, drive campaigns to restore the state's beautiful lakes and rivers, bring more clean energy, curb global warming pollution and protect our open spaces. MORE | APPLY

Environmental Campaign Staff

Across the country, our environment faces some tough challenges. But we know what we need to win--citizen support and grassroots action. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Fund for the Public Interest to hire college students, graduates, and activists across the state to go out into communities to talk with citizens about the issues, raise money, and build membership for Environment Massachusetts. Staff also have the opportunity to work with the media, build coalitions and mobilize activists. Similar positions are available in more than 50 offices across the country. For more information or to apply, visit

Environment Massachusetts is an equal opportunity employer.